Welcome to Nineveh TV

Nineveh TVis an Assyrian television station that runs via the internet streaming from Sydney, Australia. The station is established to reach Assyrians around the world
through its best televised programs. We provide entertaining and educational programs covering music, sports, politics, social issues, spiritual programs and much more.
Nineveh TV is not affiliated with any political party, religious or ideological group.
We welcome any donations and sponsors to continue providing the Assyrian community easy access to the first Assyrian online television.

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مشاهدينا الكرام للأطلاع على برامج تلفزيون نينوى , الرجاء اختيار الصفحه المفضله بالنقرعليها (الرياضيين والذكريات، المقابللات ، الصفحه الدينية، الصفحه الاجتماعية , صفحة التعليم وصفحة المناسبات